Bluedog provides a range of information technology consulting solutions, including enterprise architecture, solutions design and development, service oriented architecture for the enterprise, mobile applications for iPhone (Objective-C), and Java-based WebObjects web applications. Whether you're a CIO looking to improve your enterprise with SOA, a CTO seeking to design/deliver a mobile solution, deal with cyber threats, or a government contractor looking to increase your workshare at federal agencies, Bluedog is the perfect bluedogging partner!

The Future Begins...Tomorrow! with services:
  • Assist with the development of winning government proposals, using our cloud-based social collaboration platform
  • Improved information technology for the enterprise — with service oriented architecture
  • Protecting valued info assets with cyber security expertise
  • Mobile and web apps using an agile software development approach
  • Management consulting for lean production and kaizen process improvement

Bluedog can craft software tools that leverage best-practices for data visualization and business intelligence. We provide flexible, efficient ways to display data in whatever format makes the patterns most visible—resulting in greater insight, quickly. Bluedog provides cybersecurity consulting and solutions such as advanced threat monitoring and protection, enemy value intelligence, security assurance compliance, and business continuity/disaster recovery consultation.

Read more about our company. Bluedog hosts Workbench Always on the Job! software-as-a-service for social collaboration. Subscribe for consulting services.

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Workbench is more than collaboration for project teams -- it supports your business development lifecycle processes.
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