Bluedog has, since its inception, been an information technology services business. Bluedog’s philosophy embodies our mission: to enhance the productivity of customer user communities by empowering users through making Information Technology resources readily available and accessible. Bluedog, a GSA-certified woman-owned small business, has an industry reputation for quality, innovation, and the demonstrated ability to deliver results. Founded in 1998, Bluedog is a financially stable company with no debt and excellent Dun and Bradstreet Open Ratings that showcase low risk. Bluedog is presently undertaking accreditation by GSA as a FedRAMP-Compliant Cloud Service Provider, providing further evidence of our competence and capabilities.

Bluedog has in-depth experience in Information System Engineering in all areas of the draft SOW, with specific expertise in Information Technology Infrastructure, Systems Administration and Engineering, Database Management, Project Management, Business Analysis, Quality Assurance Services, Information Technology Infrastructure Library Support, Documentation and Technical Writing, Information Technology (IT) Security Services, Application/Web Development and Support, and Section 508 compliance.


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Cyber Criminals Can Be Stopped
Bluedog’s experts stay ahead of cyber attackers, keeping abreast of latest methods hackers use to infiltrate systems. We help protect your valued IT infrastructure.
Added by Tom 3 months ago

Wouldn't It Be Great To Share... Document Editing?
We are beta testing new collaborative document functionality -- creating and editing content with the Workbench Collaborative Document component
Added by Tom 5 months ago

What's the Most Efficient Proposal Process?
Using a tried-and-true proposal development process yields the best results.
Added by Tom 6 months ago

Get Bluedog's Proposal Planner
Order copies of our government proposal planner / work aid
Added by Tom 7 months ago

CRM with Workbench
Workbench is more than collaboration for project teams -- it supports your business development lifecycle processes.
Added by Tom 8 months ago

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