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We are proposal experts for hire. Bluedog provides "on demand" talent and tools to make the RFP response process efficient -- so you win more contracts.

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About Our Services

Bluedog is revolutionizing the proposal development processes with Workbench "Always on the Job!"

We are proposal experts for hire, available "on demand" -- so you win more government contracts while spending less. We do this by writing better proposals, faster, with a modern advantage: Bluedog's innovative automation tools.

We Are Writers with Subject Matter Expertise

Expert Proposal Content Development - Template Creation Turn-key Proposal Development Technical Writing Support Volume Management Color Team Reviews Editing, Exhibits/Figures and Graphic Design.

Workbench - Proposal Management Platform to Help You Work Smarter

Simplify the process of proposal management and writing by getting your team collaborating for quicker responses with higher quality content. Workbench empowers you to easily auto-generate, build, manage, and share proposal documents across departments, and with your teaming partners. Generate a compliance matrix in seconds, and a draft proposal in minutes, with real-time content from your own and our library of guided recommendations. Workbench delivers a draft proposal nearly instantly, so you can customize it into a content-rich submission that will mean more wins! Use advanced analytics to track your proposal pipeline successes with Workbench as your customer relationship management (CRM) portal. Automate how you manage Resumes and Past Performance Case Studies for proposals.

Outsourced proposal development, technical solutioning, pipeline analytics and capture management

Government Marketing: Pipeline + Capture Management - Strategy Creation / Story-boarding Price to Win Analysis; Request for Information (RFI) or Sources Sought Notices; Traditional “requirement” RFPs and RFQs; Unsolicited or SBIR Proposals; Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ); Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC); Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA); Grant Identification and Response; Fast-turnaround Task Order Responses; Broad Agency Announcements (BAA); White papers

Why Choose Us

A Win for You is a Win for Us!

Bluedog provides focused expertise: federal government proposal writing. We’re consulting specialists rather than generalists, focusing our subject matter expertise and technology strengths to do a highly effective job.

  • We are flexible -- to serve you better. With a small core staff of senior-level consultants, we leverage these subject matter experts to help serve you better. The result? A highly nimble, more efficient approach to giving you the services you need, when you need them.

  • With innovative web-based apps, Bluedog's automation tools deliver actionable data for rapid decision-making. You can then build your draft proposal in collaboration with your team. When you need specialized writing, our team is a mouse-click away, ready to write the custom content that will net you a win.

  • The CRM software that is the core of Workbench helps you stay connected and streamlines your pipeline and capture processes through team collaboration, activity tracking, and document management features.

Innovative Tools to Enhance Your Proposal Efforts

With Workbench, Bluedog Offers You Access to Awesome Automation Tools

Download details about our innovative app tools...

Fresh Opportunities Pipeline Capture

Upload your past proposals, government statements of work, and past performances to get an evaluation of what other opportunities to pursue. Automate your opportunity searches, and increate the effectiveness of your capture process. The built-in Funnel Simulator models the potential profit of opportunities BEFORE you commit to the effort.

Compliance Matrix Generator

Upload a PWS, SOW or other requirement to get an outline of what is needed, in the form of a Draft Compliance Matrix -- in seconds.

Bid/No Bid Decision Support Tool

From the Compliance Matrix, hop over to our Gap Analysis tool to quickly make an informed decision to bid. Decision Support can be shared with stakeholders for voting on the opportunity.

DocDoctor Proposal Builder

So you’ve decided to pursue a response to an RFP! Use the Compliance Matrix to create a draft technical response outline in DocDoctor. Populate your outline with draft content from your past efforts - get a working document in minutes, not weeks. After you have built your draft document, enjoy the productivity boost via simultaneous editing using this online collaborative document editor.

Content Library

Stop hunting for boilerplate! Create a library of all your past content - so you can leverage institutional knowledge. Use this tool as your “source of truth” to store Past Performance Case Studies; Unique Process Explanations; Past Proposal Content; and other details about your organization. Leverage the investment in what you’ve already written.

Applicant Tracking System

Need résumés and letters of intent to address those staffing requirements? Utilize this directory of potential employees to staff Key Positions. Search the results of open positions we have posted to all the popular job boards. You get access to our database of desirable candidates so you can flesh out the staffing plan for your responses with qualified individuals.

Success Stories

Find Out More about Our Capabilities to Support Your Government Marketing Strategy



Conduct due diligence — is this opportunity in your pipeline, or is it a “bluebird”?



Make sure that you understand procurement regulations


Sound Teaming

Avoid protests with sound teaming agreements; do you understand affiliation and subcontractor flow-down rules?


Creative Solution Design

Have a well-thought-out technical approach… use experts like us to craft solutions that highlight your best technical capabilities


Competition Intelligence

Know the competition, and take advantage of historical contracting data



Ensure your technical approach shows a low-risk solution to the problem



Stop copy-n-pasting your old proposal content or generic templates. We craft custom solutions for every response



Meet Our Team


Tom Termini

Founder and CEO


Giovanni DeVita

Content Specialist


Amanda Cooke

Client Engagement


We Share Our Expertise So You Can Improve Your Capabilities


Understanding the Proposal Response Process

This brief provides an overview of the Federal proposal process with a focus on the technical response. Gain insight into preparing an easy to read winning technical proposal. The author's goal is to help you develop a better understanding of the entire Federal proposal process and identify actions you can implement to improve technical proposals.
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  • Updated 15 June 2021

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How to Perform a Cost-Benefit Analysis

When deciding to submit a response to an RFP, you need to understand if the effort is worth it. Performing cost benefit analysis enables you to measure the benefits of a decision (benefits of taking action minus the costs associated with taking that action). It involves measurable financial metrics such as revenue earned, and costs saved as a result of the decision to pursue a project.
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