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Simplicity is key. Knowledge is locked inside the brains of team members. Workbench enables people within and outside organizations to interact, share and manage their activities and work outputs — anywhere, any time. Leverage your intellectual capital by captuing data in a single respository, managing document creation, and supporting teamwork. With a clean Web 2.0 interface over an open enterprise grade-architecture adapted for government agencies and contractors, non-profits, professional services, and creative types — any knowledge worker with an internet-connected pc, laptop, smart phone, or tablet can get the benefits of social collaboration with Workbench.

Easy-to-Use Modern Features.

You get customer relationship management (CRM), proposal and project management, workflow, notifications, calendar, document/content management and sharing -– all integrated in one secure place on the web. Create, assign and manage as many activities as you need -- and assign tasks to yourself or others. Full project workflow from inception and review, to delivery and completion. Share content and documents with a team or project, and Workbench automatically files it for you to quickly find later. Upload updated documents or revise content -- Workbench takes care of version history for you.

Collaborate to Gain Market Share.

Products and services are always better when more minds drive innovation. Foster a culture of collaboration so you will win more jobs and expand. Think of the downside of not working together: ineffective searches, poor access to legacy or institutional data, reformats, revisions and overall inconsistencies in work products. With Workbench, get immediate updates about a project or proposal status, meeting times, decisions or what is going on with the team. Build better deliverables with a coordinated team effort.

Benefit from Sharing, Securely.

As befits a feature-rich social collaboration platform, threaded discussions are easy to follow. Workbench account administrators can customize the user interface to change the look and feel of the program, as well as modify specific areas, such as data fields, to alter what appears. Several business process features can also be turned off and on. We use meta data tagging to make your data searchable, easy to find, and transparent -- making it easy to organize ideas.

How Do We Do It?

Bluedog has built a cloud-based offering designed to simplify how you access and share content with co-workers and teams across multiple devices, anywhere. We use a software-as-a-service model, hosting your data in secure enterprise data centers. User management is simplified via role-based privileges you assign. The designers of Workbench recognize that privacy and security are major concerns. We ensure compliance with U.S. and E.U. regulations, hosting in world class data centers, and employing 256-bit AES encryption for data-at-rest, and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for data in transit. We offer more advanced security options -- contact us for more details.


Learn the Details

Learn More About Workbench.

Looking for an awesome and reliable web-based solution to your organization's collaboration needs? Check out Workbench. How is the app architected? What can I do with Workbench? What else is "under the hood" of this enterprise-grade solution? Get details in this brochure.

Take a Peek Under the Hood!

Workbench brings you your own portal/ Intranet with Collaboration, Notifications, Workflow and Content Management, Your team gets more done — with less effort & cost. Set-up is simple using an easy-to-use web interface. Individuals create User Profiles from scratch or from existing social media sites. Import and export your data freely, customize with your logo, and link to your own email and authentication.

What People Are Saying

  • Keeping my team up-to-date with shared calendar and workspace is invaluable. And having all my company's documents stored in the cloud just makes sense. Improved turn-around on proposals means less work for everyone, and a better chance to win.

    Small Business Owner
  • With on-line project and task management, I am able to stay on top of multiple complex assignments. I can locate the digital assets I need, anytime, and track issues that crop up.

    Project Manager

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